Kenichi Iida owner of

We are proudly announce that YoYo Island is our next official sponsor. YoYo Island is a yoyo store which is located in the west part of Japan.

As a local japanese yoyo store, they are also selling some collection of high quality Japan yoyo brand you’ll hardly find anywhere else. When it comes to the quality of the yoyo, YoYo Island will never dissapoint you as all the yoyo selection are handled by the store owner himself, Kenichi Iida. He is one of the official judge for some major yoyo contest such as Worlds YoYo Contest, Asia Pacific YoYo Championships, and Japan National. You won’t doubt a senior international yoyo judge right? So make sure you drop by at their online yoyo store at and grab yourself some yoyos to compete with at BIYO 2011!

Kenichi Iida will be one of our judges in BIYO 2011. More judges info coming soon.