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More videos updated soon!


More official videos of BIYO2011, including preliminary, on event videos, after party, and all finalists videos will be updated soon!

Another great video from our friend, Faeez!


BIYO2011 video by Ewin

Awesome video from our friend, Ewin EE Yong Hua.

He is also the 3rd winner of Best of Best Division in BIYO2011! Congrats Ewin!

Official video of BIYO2011 and all the freestyles will be updated soon!

As promised before!

BIYO2011 is on next week, get yourself ready!

C3yoyodesign, the first high-end Yoyo company in Hong Kong, is sponsoring BIYO2011 !!

Founded in 2009 by Walter Wong, Simpson Wong and Ron Chan , C3yoyodesign aim to create high-performance yoyo for professional players. With their growing number of high-performance yoyo design and contest-team, C3yoyodesign start to gain their own hype on yoyo scene. Winning local and international yoyo contest, C3yoyodesign proof themself as a premium brand that only make the first class arsenal for you to win every yoyo contest on earth. Grab yours now at their official site to compete at BIYO2011! GODS BLESS YO!

Check out more cool videos from c3yoyodesign at their YouTube account : http://www.youtube.com/user/c3yoyodesign

Awesome as usual. Mickey will compete again at this year BIYO to defend his 1A Champion title.

Thanks to Indra Cahyadi for uploading the video!

Some of our friends from Indobeatbox made this awesome video to support our event this year. They were one of our guest performance at last year 2010 BIYO and we are absolutely going to invite them again this year to drop some beat in the stage.

Beatbox yoyoing anyone?

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