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Overview :

  • The contestant must perform all the 5 divisions (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A)  in 5 minutes yoyo freestyle with 5 minutes background music.
  • Each freestyle (of each division performed) is a 1 minute freestyle.
  • There’s no particular order of divisions the contestant must perform, it depends on each contestant’s creativity in creating an  epic 5 minutes freestyle.
  • Every 1 minute (during the freestyle), the contestant will be noticed by the MC (Master of Ceremony) and therefore he/she has to change the freestyle’s divisions.

Judging System

The final score for B.O.B. contest will consist of :

  • Freestyle Score (FS) : adopting the conventional judging system which consist of  Technical Execution (T.E.) score and Performance Style (P.S.) score ; calculation and scoring system is the same as the conventional Final Round judging system. Final Freestyle Score will contribute 50% of the final score calculation for B.O.B contest.
  • Excellency (Ex) : the level of ability for players to play all the five Division existing (1A,2A,3A,4A,5A). Maximum Ex score is 100, split to 20 as the maximum Ex score to each of the division. Ex score for each division will be graded into the following objective score: 0-5-10-15-20. As the result, high final Ex score (i.e. 90) is awarded to contestant who have outstanding level of ability in all the five division performed; while low final  Ex score (i.e. 35) will indicate an unbalance ability of the contestant to play all the five divisions.Final Excelency score will contribute 50% of the final score calculation for B.O.B contest.

Final score calculation for B.O.B contest :


Have any questions about this contest/division? E-mail your question to biyo2011@gmail.com with e-mail subject QUESTION.
To read the article about B.O.B contest in BIYO2010, click here.

Overview :

  • No preliminary round. All registered contestants will proceed to final round.
  • The contest is one minute freestyle.
  • Type of play style allowed: 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A. Only one type of play style can be use in the freestyle (no play style change during freestyle is allowed).
  • Only one throw is allowed in the freestyle ; this means :
  • No “regeneration trick” allowed during the freestyle
  • No changing yo-yo(s) allowed during the freestyle
  • Dead yoyo(s) will be considered as the end of your freestyle (even though there will be no point reduction for this condition)
  • Bind return/yo-yo snapping back to your hand during the freestyle will be considered as ending the freestyle (your freestyle is finished and judge will stop counting for score; no point reduction for this condition)
  • Final score will consist of Technical Execution score and Performance Style score. The judges will score Technical Execution (T.E.) elements as they see them occurring in real time. Performance Style (P.S.) will be separately assigned at the end of the freestyle.

Technical Execution (T.E.)

Positive Point Awards:

  • Number of well-defined picture trick/string formation created
  • Complexity/difficulty of the picture trick/string formation created
    • example : tower formation will have more positive points than a green triangle (GT) formation
  • Originality & creativity of the trick
  • Other factors, besides difficulty level, that may increase the basic value of a trick element include but are not limited to: laceration, speed, amplitude, control, and movement
  • Transitions between tricks shall be scored

Negative point assessment is the same as in the 1A/2A/3A/4A/5A divisions general scoring.

Performance Style (P.S.)

Performance Style (P.S.) scoring is the same in the 1A/2A/3A/4A/5A divisions general scoring.

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Overview :

  • Preliminary round is a one-minute freestyle.
  • Final round is a three-minute freestyle.
  • Maximum number of finalists in final round :
  • For 1A : 20 top preliminary round qualifiers + seeded player
  • For 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A : 10 top preliminary round qualifiers + seeded player


(adopted from World Yo-Yo Contest contest rules)

Technical Execution (T.E.) Scoring for Prelims & Finals:

The Championship Division freestyle judges shall judge a contestant’s Technical Execution according to the following scoring criteria.

Positive Point Awards:

  • Positive points shall be awarded for advanced level tricks or trick elements performed successfully. Variations of tricks and elements shall be fully scored.
  • Repeated tricks, repeated trick elements and repeated mounts may be scored at a lower value or not be scored at all.
  • Transitions between tricks shall be scored.
  • Additional points shall be awarded based on the difficulty level of a trick element. The base level (simplest advanced level tricks) trick would normally score one-point while more difficult tricks would be granted multiple points as the judge feels is warranted.
  • The number of points a judge awards for a particular trick element may also vary depending on how well the trick element is performed. For example, the same type of catch of an off-string” yo-yo may be given more points if the launch was extremely high as opposed to a launch where the yo-yo barely leaves the string. Similarly, a very basic Eli Hop may not even be scored if the yo-yo is only hopped a few inches off the string (because a particular judge feels it is not an advanced level trick element) while one with a high toss would be scored.
  • Other factors, besides difficulty level, that may increase the basic value of a trick element include but are not limited to: speed, amplitude, control, blind catches, and movement (i.e. turning while an off-string yo-yo is in the air before catching the yo-yo.)

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