Here a little advice for you : keep yourself updated with this blog because as the contest day is getting closer, there will be a bunch of surprises we will reveal to you here. Trust me, you don’t want to miss every single of it.

The first surprise : YOYO GOD poster contest.

The rules :

  • This contest is open to any yoyoer or non yoyoer around the world. No restriction of nationality or whatsoever (except for BIYO 2011 organizer committee).
  • Every contestant of this contest must design a poster depicting your imagination of how a yoyo god would be. Be creative, innovative, and original; it’s up to you create and interpret your own yoyo god poster. For the content, it can be anything as long it’s still in a setting of a poster. FYI, BIYO is also the only way you can get a “YOYO GOD” title by winning the B.O.B contest where you need to master all the 5 divisions of yoyoing. Got an idea already? Any style or method in designing the poster is permitted.
  • The poster you design must be in A3 size printable format. The exact size of an A3 paper is 297 mm × 420 mm. You can read the wikipedia page about paper size for further information about the A3 paper size. You may design the poster whether in portrait format or landscape format.
  • If you use a an actual yoyo or any other product in your poster in any way, the product must has no logo/trademark of a brand in it. You can edit it or whatsoever to make it so. Any poster depicting a registered brand or trademark  explicitly will be disqualified.
  • The content of the poster must not depicting any actual yoyoer, whether in words, ilustrations, or photos.
  • Any poster which the content is considered sexually explicit, offending any religion/believes, offending any race/culture, or depicting any other inappropriate content, will be disqualified.
  • Every poster you designed must contain BIYO 2011 logo and “yoyo god logo” in it. You can download the two logo below. The “yoyo god logo” we provide is in GIF format, it has some transparent part as it is designed to has so. Any color/fill customization for BIYO 2011 logo is prohibited. Special exception for “yoyo god logo”, you may customize the color/fill of the logo so it fits your poster design and theme. Customizations to change the size of the both logo are permitted. Be creative!

Note that the color of “yoyo god logo” provided below is WHITE. You might think there’s nothing appear on the screen when you open the image because the white color of the logo blend together with the white color of your screen ; actually the image is there, you just can’t see it maybe.

Click to open and download the image.

BIYO2011 logo

  • Export your poster design into JPEG file format. You must keep the design in the aspect ratio of an A3 paper size regardless its resolution. We might want to print the winning design later on so better to send your design in an adequately high resolution JPEG file.
  • Each contestant may submit more than one poster design. No maximum number of design can be submited. We really appreciate all of your effort in joining the contest.
  • Submit all of your final design(s) by e-mail to with e-mail subject YOYOGOD POSTER CONTEST. Don’t forget to write down your real name in the e-mail as well. There’s only one submission e-mail permitted per contestant, so make sure it’s all your final design before you send it to us.
  • The contest starts NOW ; you can start designing and submit your design since this post is published. The last day to submit your design is on June 27, 2011.
  • By entering the contest, you allow Bali International YoYo Open committee to use your photos for the purpose of this “YOYO GOD poster contest” only. We will not use your poster designs as a BIYO 2011 event promotional poster.You keep the rights and ownership to any design you produced and submitted.

Judges for “YOYO GOD poster contest” are :

  1. Jackson Januarius Mangari ; chief organizer of BIYO 2011, chief organizer of BIYO 2010 & 2010 Indonesian National YoYo Championships, and also executive creative director at X-Factor advertising agency.
  2. Hiroyuki Suzuki ; 3 times world yoyo champion, BIYO 2010 1A champion and judge, and the owner of YoYoAddict.
  3. Ferdinand Maubere ; art director of X-factor.

That’s all for the main rules, now let’s talk about the prizes. We will choose three best designs as the winning designs. Since you may submit more than one design, you may also have the chance to win all the three prize set! The main prizes we have are yoyos (exclusive limited edition), some yoyo related accesories, exclusive BIYO 2011 t-shirts, and many other awesome prizes from our sponsors. FYI, some of the yoyos and goodies we will give free as the prize will be (exclusively) provided by YoYoAddict as one of our sponsor. All of the prizes will be mailed to the winners of the contest for free, no charge for it wherever you live in the planet. If you are a yoyoer and planning to compete at BIYO 2011, we will also give free contest registration for you as the bonus prize. Further detail about the prizes will be updated in another post soon so keep yourself updated with this blog.

Got anything to ask about this poster contest? Just write it down on the comment section of this post and we will answer it for you.

What are you waiting for ? Start designing now! Gods bless yo!