Overview :

  • Preliminary round is a one-minute freestyle.
  • Final round is a three-minute freestyle.
  • Maximum number of finalists in final round :
  • For 1A : 20 top preliminary round qualifiers + seeded player
  • For 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A : 10 top preliminary round qualifiers + seeded player


(adopted from World Yo-Yo Contest contest rules)

Technical Execution (T.E.) Scoring for Prelims & Finals:

The Championship Division freestyle judges shall judge a contestant’s Technical Execution according to the following scoring criteria.

Positive Point Awards:

  • Positive points shall be awarded for advanced level tricks or trick elements performed successfully. Variations of tricks and elements shall be fully scored.
  • Repeated tricks, repeated trick elements and repeated mounts may be scored at a lower value or not be scored at all.
  • Transitions between tricks shall be scored.
  • Additional points shall be awarded based on the difficulty level of a trick element. The base level (simplest advanced level tricks) trick would normally score one-point while more difficult tricks would be granted multiple points as the judge feels is warranted.
  • The number of points a judge awards for a particular trick element may also vary depending on how well the trick element is performed. For example, the same type of catch of an off-string” yo-yo may be given more points if the launch was extremely high as opposed to a launch where the yo-yo barely leaves the string. Similarly, a very basic Eli Hop may not even be scored if the yo-yo is only hopped a few inches off the string (because a particular judge feels it is not an advanced level trick element) while one with a high toss would be scored.
  • Other factors, besides difficulty level, that may increase the basic value of a trick element include but are not limited to: speed, amplitude, control, blind catches, and movement (i.e. turning while an off-string yo-yo is in the air before catching the yo-yo.)

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