What you are gazing right now is the final design for BIYO2011’s billboards and posters.

Billboards and posters??? Seriously??


When we say we are going to make the best ever International Yo-Yo Open on the globe, we don’t mean it to be a half kickin’ only. So yes buddy, we will make 2 giant billboards sized 4×6 meters and dozens of posters. The billboards will be put at the famous Kuta Square and Legian, while the posters will be distributed around Indonesia.

This is perhaps the first time ever in the history of yoyoing contest that the organizer made such a massive size of billboard ; and yet obviously the coolest design ever in the mankind yoyoing history. Have I mentioned that we are not only made one billboard? OK, it’s 2 full sized billboard on the city, ready to proclaim the born of the first ever YO-YO GOD.

Why we do all this stuff only for a yo-yo contest? Because this isn’t just a yoyo contest. It’s going to be a memorable yo-yo contest which every yo-yo player everyone have to experience. Yoyoing is all about fun. In BIYO2011 we want to make it awesome, and the whole world should know it. Come join us at 8-9 this July in Bali. It is not too late to book your flight ticket now.

P.S. : Have I mentioned about the prolonged registration deadline and the huge money prizes?