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As promised before!

BIYO2011 is on next week, get yourself ready!


More awesome news for you : we upgraded the money prizes for Best of Best (B.O.B) division!

Here is the new full list for the money prizes :

There will be 3 prizes for each 1A, 2A,3A,4A,5A Division:
Champion         – US$500 Cash + Prizes
Runner Up        – US$300 Cash + Prizes
2nd Runner Up – US$100 Cash + Prizes

Prizes for Best of Best (B.O.B) Division:
Champion         – US$500 Cash + Prizes
Runner Up        – US$300 Cash + Prizes
2nd Runner Up – US$100 Cash + Prizes

Prizes for Mini Picture Trick Contest:
Champion          – US$100 Cash + Prizes
Runner Up         – Prizes
2nd Runner Up  – Prizes

Get yourself REGISTERED now!

What you are gazing right now is the final design for BIYO2011’s billboards and posters.

Billboards and posters??? Seriously??


When we say we are going to make the best ever International Yo-Yo Open on the globe, we don’t mean it to be a half kickin’ only. So yes buddy, we will make 2 giant billboards sized 4×6 meters and dozens of posters. The billboards will be put at the famous Kuta Square and Legian, while the posters will be distributed around Indonesia.

This is perhaps the first time ever in the history of yoyoing contest that the organizer made such a massive size of billboard ; and yet obviously the coolest design ever in the mankind yoyoing history. Have I mentioned that we are not only made one billboard? OK, it’s 2 full sized billboard on the city, ready to proclaim the born of the first ever YO-YO GOD.

Why we do all this stuff only for a yo-yo contest? Because this isn’t just a yoyo contest. It’s going to be a memorable yo-yo contest which every yo-yo player everyone have to experience. Yoyoing is all about fun. In BIYO2011 we want to make it awesome, and the whole world should know it. Come join us at 8-9 this July in Bali. It is not too late to book your flight ticket now.

P.S. : Have I mentioned about the prolonged registration deadline and the huge money prizes?

Good news for all of you!

Registration deadline for BIYO2011 is prolonged until 5 July 2011!

Click here for complete registration info.

28Spin, the Malaysia online Skill Toys Store, is sponsoring BIYO2011 !!!

28spin is founded by 4 very talented skill toys enthusiast who have an extensive history in the skill toys world (one of them is Raymond Thian Yew Mun, 4A champion of BIYO2010). They are also one of the co-founders of the Malaysian yoyo club & Malaysian cube club. Being managing and supporting the scene here in Malaysia they have understand the need of making the skill toys available to the market here in Malaysia.

As Yo-Yo & Cube was their main roots, 28Spin have started stocking in the latest range in the market of the yo-yo world , cube world & currently they have LED poi as well. 28Spin are constantly looking out for more skill toys, slowly building up to catered for all types of skill toys.

What you need to do now : open a new window or tab in your internet browser and  go check out 28Spin’s official webstore at The site itself looks really cool, making it really enjoyable to browse through all the wide range of  high quality yo-yos and skill toys they have there. So what about the pricetag? Well, I bet it will gladden you even more! So don’t forget to like their Facebook page as well so you can get the latest update about new stocks and exclusive sales which you really don’t want to miss!

One of the best online yo-yo shop in Indonesia, YoYoCorner, is sponsoring BIYO2011 !!!

Started  in Surabaya (Indonesia) at March 2010, YoYoCorner now grows as one of the biggest online yo-yo shop in Indonesia. It’s already one big step they start since the day they decide to “get into the yoyoing business”, they’re the first yo-yo shop in Indonesia which collaborate with an international yo-yo brand to have their own exclusive limited edition yo-yos!

Before the days YoYoCorner start their own online shop via Facebook page, Indonesia’s yoyoing scene is dominated by only few yo-yo shop and some individual retailer that only sell  2 or 3 yo-yo brand in their stock, such as YoYoJam and Duncan. Once again YoYoCorner come with the suprise. Not only selling “the big names in yo-yo brand”, YoYoCorner also announce themself as the official retailer for many other premium quality yo-yo brand, such as C3YoYoDesign. Providing Indonesian yo-yo player with the best selection of yo-yos at their best price, YoYoCorner now grow into something bigger than that. Just go check their Facebook’s page for the full updated list of their stock, ranging from exclusive yo-yos and its accessories, diabolos, and many other skilltoys; all in the best price at Rupiah currency and already included the shipment fee to any place in Indonesia. Don’t forget to like the page so you can get the latest update about new stocks and exclusive sales which you really don’t want to miss!

See you guys in the beautiful island of Bali!

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