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One of the most exclusive and one of the kind yoyo brand in the world, 3YO3, is sponsoring BIYO2011 !

The brand itself is come from the creative mind of the one and only, Landon Balk. He’ve been machining yoyos on a lathe since 2002, making his first couple mods with only a dremel and a drill press. In the Fall of 2004, he was given a metal lathe for his birthday and enjoyed the challenge of making his own yoyos from various woods, acrylic, aluminum and delrin.

Landon Balk - owner of 3YO3

The 3YO3 brand itself introduced since early 2009. Continuing Landon Balks’s interest in making a “full-hand-made” yoyos from unique materials, 3YO3 gains its own exclusivity in yoyoing world. Basically 3YO3 is a one-man operation, specializing in completely customizeable, hand-machined yoyos as well as shift knobs and rings.  The brand always comes with its mind-blowing designs you’d never imagine before. Unique is the key here and 3YO3 always pushing the boundaries in maixing the finest quality material to make an exceptional quality and beauty you won’t find anywhere else. Acrylic, derlin, and the latest one is teflon.

If you’re looking for something completely unique and unlike any other yoyo out there, this is the throw for you. Each yoyo is entirely hand-machined by me on my metal lathe, and made exactly how you want with respect to color, material, bearing size, response type, and finish. It’s the ultimate piece of functional art!

taken from 3YO3’s Facebook page

Perhaps some of may think that with all those exclusivity, material, and hand-made thingy will rocket the price tag to hundreds of dollars. The fact is, the price is pretty rational for a premium quality yoyo. Most of the yoyos is still below $100. Awesome! So head over to Landon Balk’s/3YO3 official site at to grab some all of this beauty ! Yes, they are all beautiful. As beautiful as a spinning diamond coated in rainbow – literally.

Rainbow 3YO3 Ceephax spinning

3YO3 Omnicron watermelon isometric

3YO3 Acryllion rainbow - what a sweet eye candy, literally


The original producer and world’s number one marketer of yo-yos (and other skill toys), Duncan Toys, is sponsoring BIYO2011 !

As we all know, Duncan is the first Yo-Yo manufacturer in the world. Here is a little history of Duncan Toys (and also the history of modern yoyoing), you can read the full article here.


Duncan Toys purchases the assets of Playmaxx Inc, officially securing Duncan’s position as the #1 Yo-Yo Manufacturer in the world. Among the models added to the Duncan line are the ProYo, Bumble Bee, and Cold Fusion yo-yos. With the purchase, Duncan also acquires a number of patents, including four patents covering “Brake Pad Technology”, a form of response system for yo-yos. Players everywhere rejoice.

Duncan also holds the patent of freehand play (as in 5a division) with its famous Freehand lines of yo-yos. The first line of Freehand yo-yo, the Duncan Freehand 1 (often abbreviatedFH1), designed by Steve Brown, was the first yo-yo intended for freehand play—it was packaged with a counterweight for this very purpose. Yes, Duncan also holds the patent for counterweight. So what are you waiting for? Throw the Original, the world’s #1,  throw Duncan!

Duncan Exit 8, the signature yo-yo of Takeshi Kamisato

The official venue sponsor of BIYO2011 is Kuta Station Hotel & Spa, located in Kuta. For a sneak peak, it has a DJ club. The DJ club has massive sound system of 80,000 watts dyna cord alpha series, fully equipped mixer and CDJ , Full color laser, Multi display L.E.D screen and many other party ignitor. So make sure you drop by at their official website :

Details out soon.

Yes, we are not kidding. It's working and ready for the P.A.R.T.Y.

Yes, it has multi color lasers too. No, this isn't the jackpot yet. Still a lot more (huge) surprises to go buddy..

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